About Jacob Zech

Jacob Zech Original® brings honor to one of the inventors of the watch spring that makes it possible to create nowadays watches. We offer a wide assortment of watch models to suit any wrist.

Watches made to make a lasting impression

When we make a watch, each part is first drawn by hand, then engineered, prototyped, examined, measured, and tested before entering an exciting design stage.

The design starts with a plain hand-drawn drawing. Design papers are built to translate each design into a part to be manufactured. Parts are initially created as prototypes to ensure fit and tolerances are right, then inspected with devices able to ensure proper fit and functionality prior to assembly.

Each part that goes into our watches is hand polished and finished prior to manufacturing. The process is so difficult that some parts are comprised of sub-assemblies made up of even smaller parts. Each automatic movement is made from over more than a hundred parts, powered by a watch spring that runs a gear train of wheels.

Thoughtful attention to detail

Jacob Zech Original® represents an innovative watchmaking design that meets the high standards of quality. Our work is driven by these high standards to make sure that all the details in manufacturing are worked about perfectly.

We feel closely connected with the long-lasting history of watchmaking and the inventions that come with it. We get our inspiration from both the world around us and timeless watches that were made in the past. After all, we share a sense of beauty, creativity, and the quest for perfection.